Variances & Exceptions

The powers of the Board of Appeals include:

To permit the following two variations:

  • Vary the yard regulations where there is an exceptional or unusual physical condition of a lot, which condition is not generally prevalent in the neighborhood and which condition when related to the yard regulations of this ordinance would prevent a reasonable or sensible arrangement of buildings on the lot.
  • Vary the parking regulations where an applicant demonstrates conclusively that the specific use of a building would make unnecessary the parking spaces required by this ordinance, but providing that such a reduction not be more than 50 percent of the usual requirements.
  • “Variation” means a slight change in the requirements of a zoning district and does not include the substitution of uses assigned to other districts.
  • Proof that your land is affected by special circumstances or unusual conditions is required.
  • No Variance may be granted which would adversely affect surrounding property or the general neighborhood. All Variances must be in harmony with the intent and purposes of the Zoning Ordinance.

To permit the following two exceptions:

  • Use of premises for public utility and railroad purposes or for a radio or television tower or broadcasting station.
  • Reconstruction of a non-conforming building that would otherwise be prohibited by Section 4.B(6), where such action would not constitute continuation of a monopoly.