2016 Property Taxes  Payable 2017
1st Installment Due
JUNE 16, 2017
2nd Installment Due



2017 Mobile Home Taxes
Due 5/5/2017

2017 Tax Sale
OCTOBER 17, 2017


Penny J. Stevens
Treasurer & Ex-Officio County Collector


JJ Harmon, Deputy Clerk

Kathy Mutchmore, Deputy Clerk


200 W. State Street, P.O. Box 92
Paxton, IL 60957-0092
Tel: 217/379-9465    Fax: 217/379-9469
Email: penny@fordcounty.illinois.gov
Office Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

The County Treasurer has the responsibility to receive, invest and distribute the revenue and public monies of the county.  The office also keeps accounts of all monies paid out.  It is the duty of the Treasurer to invest any funds which are not used within 30 days.  The County's money is invested in banks in Ford County.  The Treasurer's Office collects and distributes monies from the state, serves as treasurer for the Emergency Telephone System Board 911, assists senior citizens in filing for Real Estate Tax Deferrals, serves as treasurer for 68 drainage districts, maintains the Ford County Animal Control records and maintains tax records from the year 1859.

The County Collector prepares bills and receipts for the purpose of tax collection of real estate, drainage and mobile home taxes within the county.  Upon receipt the money is disbursed to more than 168 taxing districts.  The Collector holds a tax sale at the end of each year to sell the taxes on every parcel that remains unpaid.


The Freedom of Information Officer for the Treasurer & Ex-Officio County Collector's Office is Penny Stevens.

If you have any questions regarding the information provided on this website, please feel free to contact our office.